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How to Make a Bottle Cap Candle


DIY: Bottle Cap Candle

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As a byproduct of keeping bees, I have a lot of wax, which lead me into candle making. Simple beeswax candles are very easy to make, last a long time, don’t smoke or leave soot, and make a very clear light. However, they can be large and take up too much space to put in small survival or bug out kits.

Today we will use scrap to make a very small Bottle Cap Candle that fits very well in minimalist kits as well as weighing next to nothing.

All you need to make this small candle is a bit of cotton or other natural fiber string, a metal bottle cap, and some wax.

Put your cap upside down on your working surface, and then place a drip of hot wax in the center of the cap.

Place one end of your string into the wax to set it in place, and then fill the cap up with wax.

Let cool, and put in your emergency kit with a lighter or other simple fire starter.

I don’t know how practical this project is, other than putting in a minimalist survival kit.  I do know that this project is fun to do with a kid.


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