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How To Make Freezer Breakfast Burritos


Recipe: Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

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I am not going to add a recipe to this post on make ahead breakfast burritos.  The beauty of the breakfast burrito is you can add anything you want in whatever quantities and ratios you desire as long as you can wrap a flour tortilla around it.

I love these Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos  I can make a bunch of them on the weekend, freeze them individually as I did here with orange slices, and then pack them in a freezer bag.

In the morning I can microwave one and eat it as I sit in traffic.  This is a cheaper alternative to fast food breakfast, and it is very easy.

One thing I like to do with mine (which makes my wife upset with me) is that I also like to fry mine a little to make the shell stay together.

I feel this makes the burrito taste better, but it does make it a little greasier so make sure you take a paper towel or a beeswax cotton wrap with you on your road trip so you don’t get oil stains on your work clothes.

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