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Build Your Own Earth Oven

Build Your Own Earth Oven

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If you want to Build Your Own Earth Oven you should own this book.  Building my own cob oven is something I have been planning to build for a long time.

I really want an earth oven.  I can almost taste the wood fired pizza as I sit here writing this.

The only reason I haven’t built one already is that I am not sure exactly where I want to put it.  Each time I go to the land the desire for an oven like this grows.  I see how useful it would be and I imagine a crispy oven fired pizza after a hard day of working.

I still have not decided on a spot, but the field narrows.  I think that where I am going to put it still has not been cleared and it is uneven and full of brush.

But don’t let my problems keep you from learning how to build your own earth oven.  These things are great and I have never heard of anyone being sorry they made one.

It does not cost a lot to build other than time and effort, and the book is very cost effective.


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