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Build Your Own Metalworking Shop From Scratch: Book Review


Book Review: Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap: Series Set

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Mr. Gingery is a legend. He made a living solving $500 problems with $50 solutions. You can only do that with skill and thought.

He created this set of books that allow someone to build your own metalworking shop using only hand tools. Each book covers a specific machine tool – it has detailed construction diagrams, and step by step instructions.

Each tool is used to create the next tool in line. First you build a small aluminum foundry and learn to cast metal, you use that to build a metal lathe. Which metal castings and a lathe, you can build a metal shaper that allow you to build a milling machine….

The education is priceless, the equipment is functional. The books are cheap. if you are a prepper, and worried about when SHTF, then you owe it to yourself to throw this set on your shelf – with this set and some gumption you can recreate the industrial revolution.
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I have only finished the first book, but my foundry was very easy to build following David Gingery’s simple instructions.  I am very excited about following his other books – especially the lathe building book.

Following the Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap series is my plan for retirement, I want to do every project and build my own shop

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