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Bulletproof: The Making of an Invincible Mind

Bulletproof: The Making of an Invincible Mind

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Bulletproof: The Making of an Invincible Mind is vital to developing a warrior mindset.  It helps you learn how to become resilient in times of disaster so that you can do what you need to do in order to protect your family and survive.Keeping a resilient mind is probably the single most important factor in survival.

You can have all the fancy gear and still panic.

Training is useful, but I have seen trained people freeze or panic.  However, history is full of examples of untrained and unprepared people survive all manner of hardship by having a strong mind, but it is also full of lottery winners, If you want to increase your odds, then you need to train.

To me mindset is more important than expensive gear, which is why I have so many articles on it like Cooper’s Color Codes and WIN.

The longer I work in the correction field the more I see people with the proper attitude win against individuals that are stronger or meaner or tougher.  In my field we call it command presence, but its nothing more than proper attitude and confidence.

This book is a great one to get you thinking about the topic – I would start off with Grossman’s work On Combat and everything by Cooper, and then finish up with this one.

There are a lot of books on the subject, but make sure to pick ones that are written by those that have actually done what they are talking about.


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