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6 Signs Your Home’s Water Line Needs Repairing

6 Signs Your Home’s Water Line Needs Repairing
6 Signs Your Home’s Water Line Needs Repairing

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Your pipes are your lifeline for the water in your home.  Look out for these 6 signs that your water line needs repairing.

Lack of Pressure

Low water pressure can be caused by a variety of things. Your water heater may be the source of your woes. Aging pipes can corrode, thereby constricting the water flow. If the problem is great enough, you may to see the corrosion on the outside of the pipes.

Sounds of Running Water

You shouldn’t hear running water in your home if no one is using it. This means that you have a leak somewhere. Call a pipe repair services immediately. You’ve already sprung a leak and it could be damaging other parts of your home.

Mysterious Wet Spot

A mysterious wet spot in your yard could indicate that your main water line has sprung a leak. During the summer, a slow leak is almost undetectable. A large soaking area definitely means that you have a problem.

Chunks Exiting Your Pipes

Water should not be chunky. The chunks are the inside of your pipes starting to flake away from the rest of the pipe. This is more common in homes with galvanized plumbing.

Huge Water Bill

Your water bill likely increases over the summer months due to the need to water your yard. A sudden spike in your water bill for no discernible reason can mean that you have a water leak. Have your pipes looked at before it ends up costing you even more money.

Terrible Odor

A horrible smell coming from your faucets could be caused by a broken vent or sewer pipe underneath your home. If you ignore this symptom, you could be undermining the foundation of your home. Bacteria in your water heater or pipes produce the sulfur smell. If you detect a smell, ensure your water supply isn’t contaminated.

Watching for these signs and others will protect your home from a more a costly repair bill. Don’t delay in discovering the problem. The resulting water damage to your home can make it uninhabitable.

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