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5 Electrical Problems to Keep an Eye out for When Buying an Old Home

5 Electrical Problems to Keep an Eye out for When Buying an Old Home
5 Electrical Problems to Keep an Eye out for When Buying an Old Home

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If you are considering buying an old house, then you need to think about the electrical problems that you may be purchasing. Modern Americans as used to using reliable electricity.  However, many homes constructed a long time ago had less reliable electricity. If you are considering buying an old home, inspect it for the common electrical issues found in older homes.

Insubstantial Power

If you turn on an electrical appliance and notice that the lights dim, then chances are that the home has insubstantial power. From 1990 to 2008, the average person in the world used 10 percent more electricity. This problem with your electrical service often requires installing a new system based on current codes.

Old Wiring

Pests can eat wiring. Old wiring may just wear out over time. These problems can often cause home fires. In fact, fire departments responded to an average of 45,000 electrical structural fires per year annually. These fires claim an average of 420 people’s lives each year. Knob and tube wiring installed in homes before 1930 can be a particular problem and can cause many safety concerns.

Dead Outlets

Older homes often do not have enough electrical outlets, and those that are present can be dead. Outdated circuit boxes are often the root of the problem. The boxes in older homes may not meet current code.  Many cities require the main breakers outside the home.  Some older homes have them inside closets.  A licensed electrician must move the box.  Otherwise the utility will not turn on the power

Do-it-yourself Projects

Previous owners may have tried to save money by making repairs to the electrical system on their own. This can cause nightmares that will make electricians wonder how the house is still standing. Do not complicate the matter by trying to make repairs on your own.  Call a professional to come to figure out what needs to be fixed.  This is the most cost-effective way to save the system. While these problems can be found throughout the house, they are often more common around the junction box. Often times, if the house was added onto during different periods, you may find that the electrical system was not upgraded to keep up with the additions.

Loose Connections

Loose connections are one of the most common electrical problems found in old homes. When loose connections are present, the electrical current cannot flow through the system correctly. Therefore, the wires may spark and catch insulation or other nearby flammables on fire. Additionally, loose connections can cause appliances to overheat. Electronics plugged into a plug with a loose connector can be damaged beyond repair.

If you are still interested in buying an old house, then think about getting an electrical inspection done before proceeding with the sale. At a minimum, this will allow you to know what problems you are inheriting with the purchase of the house. If you decide to proceed, then you need to consider hiring an electrician to do any electrical repairs needed to the home.

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