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How to Install a Cabinet Cork Board

Cabinet Cork
Installing an in Cabinet Cork Board

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After the unfortunate kitchen fire (NOT related to any projects by the way),

I looked at all sorts of ideas for new kitchens. I saw this idea for an in cabinet cork board on pinterest and thought it was really cool.

It took me a while to let the new wear off of the cabinets before my wife would let me modify them – even for such a cool idea.

Basically we just glued cork tiles inside the cabinet doors – as long as you make sure each square is glues straight and go slow it’s really easy.

Now we can pin up recipes, shopping lists, and notes without cluttering up the kitchen.

It’s a win win, I get to modify something and the wife gets to have a clutter free kitchen.

(well maybe not free – but definitely less cluttered)

Cabinet CorkI want to continue this idea in the conex box on the land as I go about building shelves and workbenches.  I think it would be awesome to be able to tack up plans and lists right at my workbench to help as i DIY new projects.

This is a pretty easy project for even the most inexperienced DIY’er to do.

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