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How to Make Camp Fire Baked Potatoes in a Can


Recipe: Camp Fire Baked Potatoes

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Here is a great recipe/technique for Camp Fire baked potatoes that would work well for camping, grilling out, or making food in a grid down SHTF scenario

To bake a potato in a can simply:

  • Remove the entire top of a soda can. (Using you P-38 can opener gets extra points)
  • Smear the whole potato with butter or oil (and any other seasoning you like).
  • Insert the raw potato into the soda can
  • Cover top with aluminum foil and place the can onto the hot coals of your campfire.

The Potatoes bake in the can just as they would in the oven.

This is a great campfire recipe – especially for kids.  It is easy and takes no effort at all.  I find my boy is more likely to try new foods if he was excited about cooking them.  I did say more likely though, he will get out of bed just to crack and egg, but I can’t get him to put one in his mouth for all the sweets in the world.

He will, however, do this.  Maybe its the excitement of cooking on a fire like a mountain man?  I don’t know, but I do know that done right so the potato gets crispy but not burnt this is one awesome tater in a can.

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