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How to Fix Loose Micro-USB Cables


Can't Charge Your Cell Phone

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Every experience the frustration of when you phone port breaks and Can’t Charge Your Cell Phone unless you do all manner of acrobatics to hold the cable JUST RIGHT.

The video shows how I made a simple hack to fix the problem.

Well this does not exactly fix the problem, but it does give you extra time before you have to buy a new phone.  I have used this hack on my cheap streighttalk wireless phone to give me an extra six months between buying a new one.

All you need is a charging cable, a rubber band, and some tape.

The idea is that the metal band inside the charging port wears down so it does not hold the cable securely.  This is the reason why you can’t charge your cell phone.

A rubber band holds the cable tightly which reduces the need for the metal band.  You would think they would build a sturdier charging port, but I think it is planned obsolescence so you drop another couple hundred on a phone.  With as often as new phones come out and people trying to keep up with the Jones I would imagine a lot of people would not have the problem of wearing out your phone port.  However, I bet many of those reading this probably have.


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