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Carving a Pumpkin with Tannerite


Carving a Pumpkin Dave's Homestead Style

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While I love October, I hate Halloween.  My wife says it is because I am grump and is not happy unless I do something for the date.  We compromise and I go about carving a pumpkin using exploding targets..

I got the idea from fellow Tennessean and YouTuber Hickok45.

This year I use an entire 10 pack of .22 sensitive binary targets from Last man standing.

I had experience using these targets singly, but I wanted more Oomphf, so I mixed all of the included target powder, compressed it and wrapped the mixing bag in duct tape before stuffing it in my pumpkin.

10 packs did not seem 10 times more than a single pack – my hair blew backwards and I felt a large shockwave.

James was taken aback and his first words were “TOO MUCH DAVE!”

Oh well – it was fun and no one got hurt.

I need to do it again once the trailer is gone and I dig a nice hole into the hillside.  I wonder how much dirt would move if I packed a hole with 10 pounds of so?  The problem is that anytime you can see and explosive it can see you – so by being able to aim a rifle at it shrapnel can hit you.

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