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How to Adjust Front Sight Windage on a CETME


CETME Front Sight Windage Adjustment

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I have done a lot of articles using my CETME rifle.  For the longest time I could not figure out how to adjust Windage.

Luckily I finally got smart enough to use the internet and quickly found out that the front sight covers both Windage AND Elevation.

That blew my mind….

After reading a little more, I looked closer and saw that the front sight is offset.  Therefore, as it turns it moves up and around.

You end up with about 4 minutes of angle of adjustment as it moves through one complete circle (4 MOA is 4 inches of adjustment at 100 yards)

There is a small screw at the front of the front sight at the muzzle end and parallel to the barrel.
You must unscrew this screw to be able to adjust the sights.  Failure to do this will damage the sight or break your tool.

The tool is just a tube with two wings that fit around the sight and allow you to turn it. I have seen them from $4 to $15 each. Simply do an Internet search for CETME Front Sight tool and you will find many of them.

Use the tool to adjust for elevation, and then turn the post one way or the other to adjust for Windage.

In Conclusion, it is not a precision operation, but it is minute of bad guy.  Therefore, it is good enough for a battle rifle.   As I said, this is not a precision rifle sighting system.  Understand that and it should meet your expectations as a main battle rifle capable of hitting man sized targets out to 500 yards.


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