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Making Char Cloth

char cloth
Making Char Cloth

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char clothI like mixing traditional survival skills and technology with the science and technology of modern times. While there are many modern ways to light fire, being able to use flint and steel or other older tech has its uses.

Char cloth is a traditional tender that you can make yourself – it’s basically just cloth charcoal…

In order to make it you will need a tin of some sort it just has closeable lid that is relatively airtight

When you get your tin (I used an Altoids container) you need to punch a small hole in the top with a small nail

Procedure to Make Char Cloth

  • Cut the cloth (100% natural cloth – no plastic like nylon or polyester) in squares and layer them in the can – it is important not to pack them in too tightly.
  • Light a small fire and set the can over the coals. You will soon see smoke billowing out of the can, this is expected. When there is no more smoke coming out take it out of the fire, but DO NOT open the lid off right away. If air hits the carbonized cloth while it is hot oof the fire, it may burst into flames.
  • Remove the lid
  • If your cloth looks brown you did not cook it enough – put it back and start over
  • If it crumbles when you touch it, then you over cooked it and you need to try again.
  • If it is black, soft, and somewhat pliable then you did a good job.
  • Any kind of spark will cause it glow red with a hot ember, which will allow you to add tinder, blow on the spark, and light a fire.

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