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How to Make Homemade Chicken Bacon


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Yesterday we showed how easy it is to make bacon – we do it at our house every chance I get – but to be honest finding good quality pork belly can be difficult at times so I am always on the lookout for alternatives.

We tried rabbit bacon and found it to be – well blaaa, it was tough and not very meaty.

However, chicken bacon was pretty good – if you like turkey bacon.   Chicken Bacon tastes just like turkey bacon.

Personally I think bacon that is not pork based is a horrible lie, but my wife wants to limit my intake of the meaty goodness so that I wait until I am at least 50 before I stroke out, so she makes me eat more turkey bacon than I would choose to on my own.

Making it is the exact same process as pork bacon – but since it does not have as much fat, I wanted it to have more flavor so I coated it in maple syrup during salting, and then again as I put it in the smoker.

I have made many posts about ho to make bacon, but since bacon makes the world go around I am adding a link to an article on how to make bacon jerky.

My wife eats turkey bacon, she uses it in her 21 day fix diet.  Personally I’d rather eat less real bacon than more fake bacon.  But its personal preference.

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