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How to Choose the Best Gun Safe for Your Needs

Looking for the best gun safe to add to your home? We’re sharing everything you need to know to pick the one that best suits your unique needs. Check it out!

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There are so many gun safes you may actually get lost if you walked into a warehouse that sold them.

Choosing a safe can be daunting, especially when you just expected to find a basic box to securely store your guns and other valuable belongings.

How could it be so complicated? You ask in utter confusion.

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. In a world of awesome customization options for pretty much anything you could ever want or need, manufacturers just get carried away.

There are two things you can do in this moment. Take a gun case quiz, and read on for some great info on how to choose a case for your needs.

Ask Yourself: Why Do I Own Guns?

No, this is not an existential question. It’s merely a way of parsing out what your basic gun safe needs are.

If you own guns for home defense, you need to access your guns quickly. Which is wise because 20% of homes will experience a home invasion. Period.

You may be storing your weapons to keep them away from children. You need something small that might even be attachable to something solid. It would have to have a quick release mechanism for easy access for you, and you only.

If you own guns for self-defense away from home, you need something portable. Something portable and concealable in a vehicle is useful for mobile defense.

Or you could just be a hunter and or collector of guns and valuable rifles. In this case, you may just want a large heavy case that is fireproof and more than burglar resistant.

Why Do You Need A Safe?

There are several reasons why people buy safes. Some of these include local laws. Theft or accident prevention. Damage prevention.

If you are buying a safe to comply with laws, make sure you understand the requirements. The state of California probably has the most strict gun safe laws in the country. If you are really concerned about staying within the law, California laws could be the gold standard. (This is a guest post – and they are not saying commifornia gun laws are the gold standard, but only that if you are within their limits you are probably within the law of every state)

But even so. Make sure you know your local regulations.

Of course, these legal specifications can never guarantee protection against theft.

Most cases are designed to withstand things like crowbars and prying tools.

They won’t withstand drills and other power tools.

And make sure the case is actually fire tested. It might claim fire safe. But if not actually tested, you never know. And whatever is inside might combust or melt anyway because of temperatures.

Also, remember, with gauge steel, the lower number is a thicker steel.

How Fast Can It Open?

Going back to the first question. Do you need to open the safe quickly?

Keyed locks are more reliable than most. You insert the key, turn, it opens. No jamming.

But, with keyed entry, you risk losing the key.

Combination locks are either mechanical or electronic.

Can you remember and quickly plug in numbers or turn a dial in a pinch? Then this safe could be for you. Otherwise, if you have a bad memory, go for the keyed entry.


These are only a few small considerations when it comes to choosing a safe. But what we just went over are the base considerations you need.

So, now that you have the basics. Go shopping. You’ll find something you need in no time.

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