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Clearing Trash From Trailer: With RZ Mask Review


Clearing Trash with RZ Mask

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In tearing down this old burnt up mobile home I worry about mold and rat feces.  The thought of breathing in dust that is full of those things just is not appealing.

Luckily the guys over at RZ mask contacted me about doing a review of their product.  I didn’t think it was much more than a fancy N95 mask.  I was wrong.

An RZ mask is a neoprene outer face mask with an air intake port.  Inside the mask is a removable inner filter.

You can mix and match different inner filters with different face masks to suit your needs.

Personally, I like the simple fask masks, a solid black RZ mask works for me, I don’t need a skull face or a camouflage one.

However, I do like the different inner filters.  They have filters optimized for construction dust, or smells, or filtering the air.

While this mask is designed for things like construction and outdoor motor sports, it has other uses.  I think the RZ mask would be perfect in a sick room where contageous people were kept to keep them from infecting others.  That would be a perfect prepper use.

One thing to think about, having wore regular N-95 masks are that they have a short life span.  The moisture you exhale then to mess them up over time, they also don’t last long taking them off and on.  The design of the RZ-mask specifically addresses these problems.

I find that an RZ-mask can last for weeks of use – a month or so if it is light use.  That is incomparable to a typical N-95 mask.

Trick to Help Pull the Carpets


I used the carpet puller shown here to help pull the carpet up as a whole to slide trash and all out of the trailer and onto a large utility trailer.

I tied the handles to rope and the rope to my truck.  This went pretty fast.  It went faster when I used heavy equipment.

Tearing this thing down isn’t hard, but distance and time have contributed to this project taking a LONG time. I finally decided to just rip the thing down with the backhoe, and tear the remaining walls down with a truck, but I still have to clean up the debris and unbolt the sub-floor from the frame.

Now that I can see some progress and I have a system it is working much better.


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