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Clint Smith on Pistol Malfunctions


Clint Smith on Pistol Malfunctions

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This particular video discusses how to identify, diagnose, and correct common pistol malfunctions.  I enjoyed watching it, and I learned some new ways to share information with others.  It is worth the time to watch.

Pistols are relatively simple machines, only a few things can go wrong and of what can happen, only are common pistol malfunctions.  Watch the video to see how an expert discusses ways to clear those common issues defensive firearm users may have to work around.

As I said before, I find Mr. Smith highly entertaining, but that only enhances my respect for his skill.

Clint Smith is an expert on the use of Defensive Firearms.  He is a Marine Corps Infantry vet, SWAT officer, and has been running Thunder Ranch since 1993.

I like his style, this thought process, and how he teaches.  When I teach firearms classes, there are several techniques and lessons that I share that I gleaned from Mr. Smith.

I have searched YouTube for good training videos to share, and I have found several clips of Thunder Ranch training videos.  Think of them as advertisements for their full length training videos.  (I don’t gain anything from this, but I do think there videos are a valuable and worthwhile purchase.)


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