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How to Connect iPhone to TV with USB for Under $15

How to Connect iPhone to TV with USB for Under $15


Connect your iphone to TV under $15

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In the video above I will show how you can easily connect your iphone to TV for under $15.  All you need is the cable, an iPhone, and a TV with a USB and HDMI port.

All you need is a cable

It is really simple actually.  Once I learned that you could do it, I needed no instructions or help.  I just needed to search for the right cable.

The cable linked to the left is the cheapest cable I could find on Amazon.  Apple sells and adapter, but it is five times the price of the cable I show.

I bought this to use with my mini portable projector so I have a backup when I am out doing firearm instructor classes.

Be careful it can get you in trouble

This turned out to be a cool item that my boy really liked – unfortunately it also caused him to get a permanent ban on the use of his momma’s cell phone.

Yesterday she was going to run to the store and told him that she did not like to leave the house without her cell phone, but my boy asked nicely so she allowed him to continue to use her phone attached to the TV.  Well as luck would have it her car would not start at the store, and when my mom borrowed a phone from a nice lady in the Aldi parking lot he would not answer the call, my wife then called her parents so they could keep calling, but he silenced their calls also….

My phone is kept on silent because I can’t hear anyway, and it always rings when I am teaching  so no luck getting a hold of me either.  Lets just say that when my wife got home she was MAD….  We are also in the market for a newer car…. I am also I a permanent ban on silent mode on my phone….

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