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Cookin’ with Potatoes

Cookin' with Potatoes

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I have (and enjoy) several of Peggy Layton’s books.  Cookin’ with Potatoes is especially useful because potatoes are so cheap and filling of a food.

Potatoes can be the building block of an entire survival food plan.  Or you can just use them to eat cheaply and heartily.Potatoes form the basis of many cheap meals.  Cooking with Clara’s famous Depression cooking videos showed several potato recipes.

We cook with potatoes as lot at our house because they are so cheap, easy, and filling.  I especially love to make potato fans as a great dinner to make with the boy.

Cookin’ with Potatoes is a rare book that has both prepper and everyday uses.  You can make dinner or make do with the recipes you can find inside this book.  As my son gets older I anticipate making many more cooking videos as he learns to cook with potatoes and other basic foods.

Luckily I have better luck getting him to eat potatoes than I do with other common foods.

Besides this book, Peggy Layton is a favorite prepper author of mine.  I own (and recommend) several of her other titles as well.  Cooking with Rice and Beans comes to mind.

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