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Cooking With Home Storage

Book Review: Cooking With Home Storage

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Cooking With Home Storage is one of the first prepping books I bought, and one of the few books that I have bought more than once.

The authors, Layton and Tate are masters of home food storage. I would recommend a prepper buying any book on this subject written by either of these smart ladies.

They are the food storage equivalent to Jeff Copper in Firearms.

Cooking With Home Storage has useful guides to long term food storage, great recipes, and other tips to make life a little easier, and more comfortable.

You would be well served with having this book on your shelf, I used it quite a bit as I started to learn how to store food.

Now that I have more experience and feel comfortable in storing my own food, I use this book as a cookbook because it has some great recipes.

This book has all manner of useful information that is essential to know when you are planning to live off of stored food.  When you are willing and able to go to the store to round out a recipe cooking is easy.  However, when you have to make substitutions because you have only what you have, cooking is harder.

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