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How To Conceal a Self-Defense Knife: Covert LDK Belt


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I wasn’t really sure I wanted to share this covert LDK belt carry method.  Not because its not a good tip, but I think everyone needs a secret or two. However, I found a new method of carrying a BOGA knife (Back Off-Get Away).  This method can be used as a last ditch defensive weapon.

I like the Ka-Bar LDK (last Ditch Knife). It is a small back up knife designed for just such a use. The small size and flat Kydex sheath make it perfect for mounting in tight spaces.

What I did was sew it near the buckle of my 5.11 rigger belt. I can reach under and draw the knife easily.  I did end up tying a small piece of brown shoelace to the grip to make this easier. Being under my belt and very close to the metal buckle it is almost undiscoverable.

I like the small size because my state has a maximum legal length for fixed knives.  This blade is very comfortably within legal limits.

I have carried this knife in this manner for a while (years).  So I have refined my sewing technique. When I made this video I was still using thread and a normal needle.

Fishing Line Thread Holds it Best

I now use thin monofilament line and a larger needle to better force through the belt. This makes me able to sew no only the corners, but also the two middle holes.  The additional thread makes a very secure and non-moving mount.

My only concern is that this knife is very hard for a big guy like me to re-sheath. I generally have to unbuckle my belt to get it back in.

This is not normally a problem, as this knife is not meant for daily use.  You should not draw it unless it is an emergency.

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