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How to Use an Apple Slicer to Make Potato Wedges


Kitchen DIY: Fast Tip for Cutting up Potatoes

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Quick tip for Cutting up Potatoes for potato wedges:  When you need to cut up a lot of potatoes, either for dehydrating, making home fries, mashed taters, stew, or whatever – simply peel, and run through an apple corer.

It makes evenly sized strips, is easy, safe, and it keeps you from buying a special potato slicer.

This tip for cutting up potatoes is pretty simple, and I am sure it took you longer to read it than to grasp it.

I probably could have said – cut potatoes with a apple slicer and you would have instinctively gotten the message. I use this tip when I make home fries as it makes large slices that are uniform.  It also works when you are boiling up potatoes to make mashed taters, but now that I have an instapot, I don’t think that is as important.

I also use my pressure cooker to cook potatoes so cutting them up is not quite as important as it use to be.  If you don’t want to cut up your potatoes, you can also use an electric drill for fast peeling of the potatoes instead of fast Cutting up Potatoes.  Anyway, this tip works well, and my son loves doing it this way almost as much as he loves breaking eggs.

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