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How to Deprime Shells without Reloading Tools


Shooting: Deprime Shells without Reloading Tools

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Reloading does not have to be fancy or expensive.  You can buy a starter kit for well under $100 if you take your time and only get the essentials.

I have spent hours using a $20 hand reloader and a hammer to reload 20 gauge shotshells.

In the video below, I wanted to show you just how simple a set up you can get away with.  In the video you can learn how to deprime shells without reloading tools.

The technique shown works with shotshells as well as rifle and pistol cartridges.  As long as the rounds are not berdan primed this technique will work.

It can be adapted to use a large nut, or a hole in a workbench, you can use a nail or a punch, and anything you can strike with can be used as a hammer.  Let your needs decide.

However, while you can get away with this, it is much easier to use better tools.  I find that while I can reload with simple tools, it takes longer and when I factor in the value of my time, sometimes it is worth it to spend money for tools that let me work more efficiently.

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