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How to Make Traveling Dice

How to Make Traveling Dice


Dice Tip

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As we test our 72 hour kits and bug out bags, I find that I am very good at anticipating the big stuff (like how to deal with gunshot wounds and catastrophic tornado damage), but not so good at the little stuff (like screaming kids and stressed out wives).

But since it is all important and I am constantly looking for new ideas.  I want to either prevent disasters or make life better after them.  So I am always finding neat things.

Today’s dice tip post came from an idea I found on a teacher’s blog.  The site is called Cardigans and Curriculum.  If find that homeschooling moms, teachers, arty folks all have some great ideas that readily translate to the frugal prepper’s needs.

Anyway, here’s the problem….

When testing out our kits I find that while nobody is hungry, cold, or wet, everybody is bored out of their mind.  During the first test cycle I fixed that by throwing in a deck of poker or Uno cards in every kit.  However that gets old pretty quick also.

On the Cardigan’s site the author showed how she put some dice is an small Tupperware container.  This is used it to both keep the dice from being lost, but also as a permanent dice cup.  I know when playing games like sorry with overenthusiastic kids dice seem to get thrown all over the room.

By having the dice contained in a see through plastic container they stay in one place and it really prevents tantrums and problems.

Once set of dice can be used to play many games, and takes up very little space.

Of course, if you don’t need this in your emergency kit, it would work great while traveling.  Alternatively, you could put this with your board games just to keep the dice from getting lost.

Just a thought, hope it is useful.

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