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How to Flush the Toilet When the Water is Off

How to Flush the Toilet When the Water is Off


Disaster Tip: How to Flush the Toilet when the Water is Cutoff

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While remodeling my bathroom and having my water turned off I realized that some people (my wife being one of them) may not know how to flush the toilet when the water is off.

Because of this I wanted to share a simple disaster pooping tip.

This simple video shows a basic concept that many people may already know, but it is something I feel is worth sharing.

If you do not know how to flush your toilet when you don’t have any water then this video will show you how.

You don’t have to throw the water in the tank for this tip to work.  Alternatively, you could pour the water into the bowl directly.  However, I like this way so I can quickly flush the toilet and have the contents of the bowl disappear.

This seems to work better for my wife’s sensibilities.

Anyway, if you already know this then take comfort in that fact.  However, I hope that some of my readers learn something from this post.

It is my goad to help people learn tricks to more easily become self reliant, but ultimately my desire is to help develop the proper mindset so that more people learn how to figure out their own tricks – because if they share them I can learn from them – which is easier on me… LOL

Finally, when little issues like this come up, being prepared with a solution goes a long way to help my family understand the benefits of a prepared life.

Thanks for watching.

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