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Disguise Techniques

Book Review: Disguise Techniques

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Disguise Techniques is an older book, created by an actor working for the OSS, forerunner of the CIA. I expected more from the book due to its history of being a text of sorts for our spies, however it really did not give any new insights.

It was an interesting read, but you could probably learn more from an acting class…

This book dealt a lot with  controlling body language and how putting on a hat or taking off a jacket combined with body expression would change your appearance.

In my mind any one that has watched a modern spy movie where the hero was framed and on the run is familiar with more relevant disguise techniques.

That is not to say I did not enjoy the book – I found it an interesting read, as well as something to provide insight into the mindset of the time.  But not being a cynical person I did not get the feel it was something somebody threw together to get a piece of wartime government money.

I don’t really like giving negative reviews, and most of the time I try to not give a review rather than to say “this book is a waste of money”, but in my opinion, if you are buying this book because you think it may someday prove useful to you, save the money and watch mission impossible.

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