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How to Make DIY Padding for Business Cards or Homemade Notebooks


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As I said in the video, today’s project is not a “prepper” project.  Rather it is something I did to make carrying my business cards easier.

I just wanted to share how to make a DIY card pad with you in the event that it may make your life a little easier as well.

You see, I don’t like carrying business cards.  This is because they get wrinkled and bent.

What this project does is connect them into a pad just like a notebook or memo pad.  Something that may be of interest is

I have heard of a particular technology guru that buys sheets of two dollar bills from the US Treasury, has them perforated between bills, and then padding compound applied to make tear off pads of money – He likes the wow factor.

To make pads of business cards (or anything else), simply clamp your paper together so that it is stacked neatly and then apply a small amount of padding compound to one of the edges.

The instructions on the bottle say to use a brush, but I find it simple enough to use a finger.

Let dry and add a few more coats.  I find three thin coats holds the cards stable, but does not make it extremely hard to remove them as needed.

I have a recipe for homemade padding compound if you want to use this in bulk.

This would be useful to bind printed off copies of information like in my Downloads section.  Especially if you wanted a backup to electronic storage.

If your interested in seeing a video like this let me know, otherwise I will keep it in my “neat to know, but not something other people find interesting” pile.


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