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How to Make a Hot Wire Cutter


I have wanted to build a hot wire cutter for some time.  Once I found out that Styrofoam could be used to make patterns for aluminum casting.

This is because it would burn out in a manner similar to lost wax casting.  I knew it was just a matter of time before I had to have one.

Since I got back on a pyro video bug and bought some nichrome wire to make rocket ignition squibs.

I decided now would be a perfect time to also use it to build a DIY hot wire cutter.

This was a very simple project that only took a few minutes time, and was built out of scrap I had laying around.

Once my DIY Hot Wire Cutter was finished, the boy and I had a grand time slicing up leftover Christmas Present packaging.

DIY Hot Wire Cutter

DIY Hot Wire Cutter

My wife was not pleased at all the scraps and chunks of white Styrofoam.

Eventually, even the boy said it was “too stinky”, but it has promise and I am already planning out new projects and enhancements to my small cutter.

I used this diy hot wire cutter to help insulate my shipping container.  However, I made it so I can use Styrofoam to cast aluminum.

This goes to show having skills and making stuff can always come in handy.

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