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How to Carry Duct Tape While Backpacking


Duct Tape Tip for Backpackers

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A common trick among backpackers is to wrap some duct tape around their water bottle or lighter so that they always have a couple feet readily available for quick repairs.  This is an easy duct tape tip that ensures you always have some tape on hand.

I find that having some duct tape with me in the things that I carry everyday helps me stay prepared. When hiking, I can use it on “hotspots” to prevent blisters, and its invaluable for survival when making things like plastic water stills and bags. However, since I spend most of my time in an office, I tend to use my duct tape in more normal ways.

This tip is useful more than just outdoors-men.  I have a cut off ink pen body wrapper with duct tape on a monkey fist hanging from my keys.  In the end, it really does not matter if you wrap duct tape on your keys, lighter, water bottle, or frame of your pack.  What matters is that duct tape is dead useful, but a roll is bulky and heavy.

This simple tip ensures you have some if needed as well as saves weight and space.

This duct tape tip is one of my favorites as it keeps tape close at had for any emergency purpose as well as makes my water bottle easily distinguishable from the ones carried by everyone else.

You can also use this tip on hiking sticks and trekking poles – I even know a handy guide to purchasing trekking poles.

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