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Easy and Cheap Ways to Improve Your Home Security

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Easy and Cheap Ways to Improve Your Home Security

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With so many burglaries these days, it is a smart idea to take some precautions in order to keep your home safe. Security systems have come a long way and modern ones can be very advanced and provide your home with pretty strong security. However, they can be very expensive as well.

Even though you shouldn’t save money on things like security, there are some easier and cheaper ways to improve it.

Front door

Despite the fact that most people understand the importance of locks, we still hear stories of people leaving their homes unlocked and coming back to find that a break-in had occurred and that they had been robbed. Always be careful and make sure that you didn’t forget to lock your doors, either coming in or going out. Studies show that almost a third of break-ins happen using the front door, therefore, try avoiding basic front door locks as well. There are many kinds of locks that will really improve your safety and they can be quite affordable as well.


Even if you went out just to throw out the trash or to visit your nearest neighbor, always close all your windows. A window is one of the simplest points of entry and it is used by many domestic burglars. Apart from having your windows closed, you can improve the security by installing window locks. They will provide you with extra protection and peace of mind when you are out of your house. The type of lock that you need depends upon the style and design of the window; however, there are security companies and professionals that can provide you with a great service.  


Security cameras are among the best and most effective when it comes to home security. However, they can be a bit pricey piece of equipment to own. If you want to keep an eye on what’s happening at home when you are away, but you do not want to invest in high-tech and really serious home camera systems, a Wi-Fi connected camera is worth considering. These cameras that are easy to install and use can vary in quality and endurance, but you will find that most are both cheap and effective. The placement of the camera is very important, as you want your camera to cover a big area of space and to be out of reach. To avoid additional costs, look for a cheap scaffolding rental and install the Wi-Fi camera yourself. Most cameras have the ability to detect motion and store video content, so make sure you provide it with a lot of memory space.


Buglar alarm

Pepper Spray Burglar Alarm

The most common type of home protection is a house alarm. Security alarms have motion or sound sensors that are connected to a control unit via either hard-wire or radio-frequency signal that interacts with a response device. Most common types of sensors indicate the opening of a door or window, and they are very convenient because they can even detect smoke. Wireless ones are a less costly option, however, they require a frequent change of batteries to maintain their effectiveness.

If you want an alarm with a little more bite, the picture links to a pepper spray burglar alarm.


Use motion activated lights as a sudden spotlight can often be enough to convince a burglar to give up on his break-in attempt. If there are some areas around your house that get really dark at night, invest in motion activated lights to scare off potential robbers. You can also use lights to make it appear like you’re at home, having your TV turned on while you are away will most likely convince burglars to continue searching for a new target.  

Make it appear you’re not away

If you are leaving town for a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to notify the postal service to stop your mail delivery temporarily or to ask a friend or a neighbor to clear up your mailbox frequently. Piled up mail is a clear signal that you are away, and it will make your home a potential target. You can even have your lawn cut while you are away or ask a friend to repark your car in different positions every few days. Also, be careful on social networks, as thieves often invade households of people that have been posting vacation content on social media. The biggest fear of burglars is confronting a homeowner, so make sure your home is not an easy target for them.  

Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

This is just a repeat of what should be obvious, but do not leave your valuables like cell phone, wallet, money, jewelry, watch, laptop, iPad, briefcase, backpack, etc. in clear sight right by the entrance or by the window. This way, you are tempting the burglars, and the valuables left in clear sight will serve as an open invitation for theft.  

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