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Easiest Way to Make Corn on the Cob for a Crowd


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I like grilling out, but I have a problem timing everything to be ready at the same time, and I tend to run out of eyes on the stove and space on the grill when trying to entertain. This means I am always looking for better ways of doing things (plus I just love experimenting…)

I saw this tip the other day on pinterest for cooking corn on the cob in large amount easily and had to try it – it worked amazingly well so I felt I should share it.

If you dump raw corn (shucked and cleaned preferably) into a clean chest type freezer (not Styrofoam) you can cook large amounts of corn without doing a lot of work. Simply add boiling water to the corn filled cooler, close the lid and wait at least 30 minutes.
The corn will cook perfectly – will not overcook – and the cooler will keep the corn warm for hours.

Very simple, very easy, and when we tried it at our home it worked perfectly…

This way of cooking corn on the cob is crazy simple, and it turns out the water can be reused for making jelly.

I don’t think I will ever cook corn on the cob on the stove again, unless it is just for me.  It is just to easy to do it this way when cooking for groups.

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