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Recipe: Eggroll Pizza Log

Recipe: Eggroll Pizza Log

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If you buy some egg rolls from the freezer section of the grocery you can spend some time with your kids letting them make single serving crisp eggroll pizza.

I don’t normally eat egg rolls.  I hate the ones with cabbage in them.  However, these egg rolls taste pretty good. Its also something I can let the kid do.

It really isn’t hard to make.


  • Egg Roll Wrappers
  • Pepperoni Slices
  • String Cheese
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Olive Oil


  1. Lay out the wrappers
  2. Layer the sauce, pepperoni, and cheese on the wrapper taking care not to go overboard.  Less is more.
  3. Wrap the egg roll up
  4. Lightly coat with oil
  5. Bake our little pizza sticks at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes.

Egg roll pizza could not be any easier.  They are even easier than my fridge bread pizza.

My son liked the eggroll pizza, but since he loves all pizza of any type – it wasn’t a stretch.  Pizza is a good meal to do with your kids.

My boy has more fun making the different types of pizza than he does eating them.  We recently did a really cool one using canned biscuit dough to make a whomp biscuit pizza.


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