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Everyday Carry Lights and Lighters

Everyday Carry Lights and Lighters

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Everyday Carry Lights and Lighters is a list of flashlights and fire starting items that you can carry with you everyday.

They are mostly small and inexpensive.  Some are of higher quality or more sturdy than others – I tried to give a wide variety of items to fit your individual situation.

This list is not all inclusive, I am sure there are useful EDC tools that I skipped or are unaware of, also this is not a buy everything and be safe list.

Some of the items below are redundant and are left to your own taste and judgement.

Like all my other posts, you can click the picture to view this item on Amazon.  I do make a small commission if you purchase from this link, but it does not cost you any more money and the commissions pay for the hosting of this site and a small amount of the time it takes to find the information I share here.



BYB Pack of 4, Super Bright 9 LED Mini Aluminum Flashlight


(I try to keep one of these lights hanging on the doorknob of every door in the house.  That way when the power goes out I don’t have far to go for a cheap light)

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight


Nebo Larry C LED Flashlight 170 Lumens


Micro USB Rechargeable Tiny Flashlight


StatGear Pocket Lumen – 30 Lumen, Waterproof Keychain Flashlight


Campfirepiston Hickory Fire Piston


Best Glide ASE Credit Card Size Fresnel Lens Fire Starter and Magnifier Lenses


PSKOOK Survival Paracord Parachute Fire Cord


Newsfana EDC Alloy Fire Starter


Zippo All-In-One Kit


QIMEI The World’s Smallest Kerosene Lighter


LighterBro Lighter Sleeve


Magnesium Fuel Bar, Flint and Steel Kit


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