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Everything You Need to Know About Cabin Tent Camping

Everything You Need to Know About Cabin Tent Camping
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Spending time outdoors is very therapeutic. The fresh air and the sight of natural vegetation will help you relax and forget some of your troubles. Life can get quite difficult and if you don’t find a good activity to blow off some steam, you may lose it all or even run mad.

Camping is one of those activities that any physician would recommend for relaxing and unwinding and in this article we will tell you of the best way to camp which is by cabin tent camping. We all love cabins and how laid back they are and having a tent that has been built like a cabin will make sure that you enjoy your stay out in the woods.

Cabin tents are quite advantageous over other types of tents and we will discuss why that is the case in this article. We will also help you to understand the factors that you have to consider when picking a cabin tent for your outdoor adventures so as to make your stay outdoors enjoyable.

The basics of cabin tent camping

Here is what to expect if you get a cabin tent for your camping needs.

Vertical surfaces

The basic of cabin tent camping is a tent that looks like a cabin. The surfaces are almost vertical unlike other tents that have curved surfaces and this means that you have a lot of space within the tent to maneuver. If you are the type that hates closed spaces, then a cabin tent is what you should get for your next camping trip as they usually come with a lot of space in the interior.

With all the extra space, you can easily fit all the luxuries that you need to make your stay outdoor comfortable. You can fit in some furniture like a table and several chairs that you will use as you hang out with your camping mates. The weather outdoors can get quite unbearable but the living space within your cabin tent will make sure that you have a warm and cozy place to chill as you wait for the storm to pass.

Multiple rooms

Cabin tents are also quite spacious and this makes them ideal for family or group camping adventures. Most cabin tents are divided into a large room at the center that serves as the living room and multiple rooms on the side that can be used for sleeping. You can get a cabin tent with multiple rooms on the side if you are camping with a large entourage or pick one with a few of them if you are not that many.

A separate room for each camper makes for added comfort and this will go a long way to make your camping enjoyable. Camping was seen as a strenuous activity that involved a lot of hard work but that is not the case anymore. People expect to be comfortable when they are out there camping and if this is what you want, then a cabin tent is the way to go.

 Easy set up

This is another thing that you will appreciate when you make a cabin tent your preferred outdoor shelter. Such tents are built with color-coded poles that easily fit into each other for a seamless set up. You will only need about 10 minutes to set up a cabin tent and this will ensure that you have a lot of time left to do other things.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up your tent especially when you have kids around as they can get quite restless. There are also cabin tents that are available in a pop-up nature. This means that they pop right up when setting it them up and no time, your shelter will be ready for accommodation.

Strong and durable build

When you are out there against the cold, rain, and storms, you need a tent that is very strong and this is what you get when you buy a cabin tent for your outdoor shelter needs. The material used to make cabin tents is usually very strong and this will protect you and the other campers from the rain, hail, and strong wind.

Thanks to advancement in technology, the material used to make cabin tents is strong without being bulky and this will ensure that you don’t carry around a lot of weight if you plan on moving from place to place with your cabin tent.

Impressive build

Cabin tents are the most comfortable of outdoor camping structures and their impressive build is to thank for this. The temperatures in a tent can get quite high but this is not something that you will have to deal with when you camp with a cabin tent. This is because most cabin tents have ventilating meshes that allow for the proper circulation of air within the tent.

Cabin tents also have large windows that you can open to let in more air if it gets too hot out there. The large windows also provide you with a large field of view that will make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing sights out in nature.

The disadvantages of cabin tents

Cabin tents are amazing outdoor structures but they still have some disadvantages. They are quite heavy when compared to other tents such as dome tents and this means that you will have to put some effort if you are to move around with it.

The raised vertical surfaces can also act as an obstruction to the wind and this can get quite dangerous especially when it gets too stormy out there. The tents that are not pop up in nature are somehow difficult to set up and this means that you will spend some time doing so.


A cabin tent is one of the best shelters that you can get for your outdoor adventures. It is large enough and this makes it quite comfortable. Read this article on cabin tent camping to understand the other advantages of such tents.

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