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Folding Shovel with Firestarter Review

Gear Review: Folding Shovel with Firestarter

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This is a pretty cool little folding shovel from survivalhax.com. This site contacted me the other day and asked if they could send me a tool to review. I said sure because you can never have too many tools to review.

The second it came in the mail my 4 year old so had it out of the package and was about to attempt to dig through the living room floor until I told him he could not use it until I made a video.

WT then began bringing me my camera and demanding I test it out. He could not wait until I went out to the land to dig a hole with “HIS” shovel. Unfortunately his grandma fell and broke her hip so he went to Alabama to cheer her up. I had work so I could not go, but every night he asked me if I am done with his shovel.

I see why he likes it after I played with it a while. It is pretty simple and solidly constructed. I don’t really like the screw in handle, but the screw in ferrocium fire-starter in the handle is nice.

If it were my shovel I would probably sharpen the edges, as the powder coating keeps the rod from sparking on the shovel.

All in all I had a pretty good impression of the shovel, but since I really want one of those Glock e-tools I had to say the more expensive tool was my preference, otherwise my wife would never let me spend the money.

You can buy this shovel here.

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