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Foxfire 6

Book Review: Foxfire 6

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Like Foxfire 9 that we reviewed earlier, Foxfire 6 is a great historical documentary to teach us how our ancestors lived prior to rural electrification.

This classic book deals with shoemaking, children’s toys, musical instruments, wooden locks, and has a very interesting story of a rural genius that powered a sawmill using salvaged car transmissions, axles, and differentials turned by a waterwheel from his own homemade dam.

This book is not a prepper boor per se, but the mindset of our ancestors is a vital one to recreate is we are to survive any type of long term collapse, depression, or recession

I have several of the foxfire books and have a goal to get the complete set.  I have spent hours and hours as a teenager reading the foxfire books and planning all the things I would do as an adult and was free to explore and create my own little pioneer homestead.

I look forward to the day when I can share the information in this book with my son.  I know little W.T. would love to have a banjo built as described in this book.  I don’t know how his mother would field about a 4 year old with a homemade banjo.  If the sound did not kill her the deliverance jokes probably would.


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