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Book Review: Foxfire 9
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I am a big fan of the Foxfire books, this volume, Foxfire 9, Includes discussions on general stores, the Jud Nelson wagon, a praying rock, a Catawban Indian potter, haint tales, quilting, home cures, and the log cabin revisited.

While some of this may not directly relate to disaster preparedness, any information on how our ancestors ran general stores may come in handy in a barter economy, wagon building is a lost art, so is quilting, but the ability to transport goods and keep warm are both essential skills.
I used to experiment with the home remedies when I was a teenager, and while some of the cures listed are not effective, some seem to have worked.

Personally, I feel any information I can gather on how my ancestors functioned in rural America before electrification could be useful in the event we ever had a long term catastrophic disaster that ended our industrial infrastructure. How likely that is, I will leave to you, but even above that, I think this book is worth owning for the historical value alone.

This was one of my first “Prepper” books and I spent many hours reading Foxfire 9and dreaming of a time I could build my own log cabin.


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