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Use Your Fridge as a Whiteboard


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I had to work this Fridge Inventory Tip video when the wife was asleep.  Not everyone can use this, and to be honest, I would only do this on my freezer (but since my freezer is covered with half completed projects, this was easier than cleaning up my workshop for a quick video.

Anyway, if you want an easy fridge inventory tip, a dry erase marker will work on many freezer finishes, and this may be a good way to keep track of what is in your freezer.

Just be sure you use a dry erase marker or your wife may cut you.

This fridge inventory tip can work for other refrigerator colors other than white, but be sure to test the finish in an area that you have a hard time seeing, as you don’t want to write a bunch of stuff on the fridge door and not be able to clean it off.

I have to be careful with this, you see I have a 4 year old that if he saw me writing on the fridge with dry erase markers he would think he could do it with sharpies.

FIY here is another tip, if your child writes on your fridge with permanent marker, you can write over his art with a dry erase and it will lift off the first marks…..


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