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How to Make Koolickles: Pickles Soaked in Kool-Aid


Recipe: Koolicles (Fruit Punch Pickles)

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Koolickles or Fruit punch pickles are a cool trick to get your kids to eat pickles.  They are also a neat way to get your kids into the kitchen as this is a very easy recipe.

All it is is pickles soaked in a brine that contains kool-aide or other fruit punch.  It does not take very long to make (besides the amount of time setting in your fridge.

Basically to make fruit punch pickles all you need to do its:

  • Buy a jar of pickles (1/2 or gallon sized is best)
  • Empty it of pickles keeping the brine in the jar (I dumped everything out and then poured the pickle juice back in the jar)
  • Mix your fruit punch powder into the brine (make it very strong – I did not and did not get as good of a result my first try)
  • Replace the pickles into the brine (I also quartered some in the video to see the difference between whole and cut pickles – obviously the cut pickles absorbed more fruit punch)
  • Let sit in the fridge until Osmosis (great time for a science lesson with the kids) sucks the punch into the pickles turning them sweet and colored.

I think koolickles are a hoot – so much so that I have a batch in my fridge right now as several of my nieces and nephews are coming over for a cookout to celebrate my 40th birthday and I plan to get their response to red sugar filled pickles…

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