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Acke 24 watt Grow Lamp Review

Gear Review: Acke 24 watt Grow Lamp

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I love growing my own vegetables, and I have been searching for ways to do this inside, becasue of this I have used a bunch of different grow lights.  The cheap ones don’t work, and the good ones are expensive – and they all take a lot of electricity.

I was pretty pleased to get the opportunity to review this 24 watt grow light because it is both an efficient LED system, and the lights are optimized specifically for plants.

Not only is this an efficient lamp, at less than $20 it is affordable too.

Plus as an added bonus, I have a link that gives you 22% off thew ACKE 24 Watt Grow Lamp

If you want to start seeds or grow plants indoors, then this is a great piece of gear to use.  I like it, and the system is easy to mount.  I am just looking for a place to install it and I may try growing some more aquaponic space plants again.  Just kidding, Genny has said she will murder me where I stand it I try to bring 55 gallon drums of fish into the house again.

But with the LED system that is designed for chlorophyll production, I can easily grow tomatoes indoors year round.  That is something that is worth doing.  Plus with the discount code linked above, you can easilly afford more than one so you can always have fresh food year round.


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