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Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Review

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I have been looking for a Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker to use while I am working at the land, its nice to have music while working, but also something to connect to my FMRS radio so I can hear calls while working in an area, but not having to have a bunch of stuff on my body as I work the sawmill.

This small speaker does not seem like much, but when I tried it out it was very loud.  I used the bluetooth function to call my wife and she could not tell the dirrerence in phone quality.  I, on the other hand, could.  Because of my hearing loss communication over the phone is difficult for me, and with this speaker I could hear her very well.

  • The waterproof speaker is built for durability in harsh environments. IPX6 Waterproof, dust-proof, drop-proof, shockproof, shower speaker.
  • The portable speaker amplifies higher as well as lower bass frequencies thanks to the unique combo of powerful stereo sound (10W) and a passive SUBWOOFER!
  • Ultra lightweight, net weight only 9.6oz(0.59lb / 272g), and attached with a CLIMBING HOOK
  • Built-in Rechargeable 2,200mAh Li-battery, provides extended playback, enables you to stream music up to 15 hours when full charged.
  • Built-in Microphone, Enables to use this Bluetooth speaker as a speakerphone when making a call.


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