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Book Review: Generators and Inverters
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I really like Stephen Chastain’s books.  He builds the things he writes about.  Furthermore, they really work.

In this book he talks about how to turn a car engine into a generator.  Additionally, he shows how to design parts to make this process work with any car engine.

First, in his book, Generators and Inverters, he talks about how to create a special carburetor.  This carb will allow your engine run on multi-fuels like propane and biodiesel.  Next, He also shows how to silence your engine and reduce vibrations.  The book covers much more.

Because of that, this is a very valuable book for homesteaders, diyers, or anyone looking at alternative energy sources.

From his website:

“Steve, a mechanical and materials engineer, lives in Jacksonville, Florida. He regularly publishes articles regarding metal casting, machining, and automotive restoration. His “Small Foundry Series” of books are sold in over 40 countries and have become popular “design projects” at many schools and Universities. Steve runs a small foundry and machine shop where he produces castings for antique cars and equipment. In 1989 he formed SDCElectronics, a manufacturer of theatrical lighting control. Steve is an avid reader and maintains a personal library of over 1500 technical and engineering titles.”

One thing I like about his work, that is different than mine, is that he is an actual engineer.  Most importantly, in his books he goes through the math and actually explains how and why he does what he does.

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