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Genny Gives a Nursery Tour


Genny Shows the Nursery

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In today’s article Genny Shows the Nursery

She wanted to show off the nursery she worked so hard to create. Her family really helped, her mom and sister came and painted.  Additionally, her youngest older sister painted some really cool pictures.  She even sneaked in an apple with an arrow through it for Tell…

As Genny shows the nursery you can tell her pride in the work.  As well as the excitement of having our first child.  I am glad WT has a nice nursery.  However, I care more about the boy than I do his bed.


Now that the boy is 4 years old we finally packed up the crib, he doesn’t spend much time in here anymore – as he would much rather be out and around folks trying to get them to play policeman, army man, doctor, or, his favorite, cooker (chef).

I am glad he had such a nice nursery, but he is a lot more fun now that he is bigger.  Now the boy has a 2×4 loft bed that has stairs and his name on it.  I was going to build one, and even bought a book for it, but Genny couldn’t wait and found one on craigslist.


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