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Introducing Genny’s New Cooking Series

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After working with me for some time, I finally was able to convince Genny to work with me to on a New Cooking Series showcase to her ideas and projects.

(Edit: As some of you know, Genny has been very successful at loosing weight with 21 day fix. As of January 2016 she has lost over 80 pounds and feels much more confident and healthy.  I knew she was serious when she quit Diet Mountain Dew cold turkey and am very proud of her.  – Actually, the only problem I have with her new healthy lifestyle is that she is so busy trying new recipies and exercise videos that I cannot get her in the kitchen to video her new favorite recipes)

She does not like trolls, and when they make fun of her weight she refuses to be around videos.  I am cool with being fat.  I earned every fat cell so I don’t mind those pot shots at me.  However, I have no tolerance for the same comments about her.  Especially when she is working so hard to change.

Its working to, she doesn’t see it but I do.

You should look at her kale chip recipe.  Its great.  (well the kid likes it – I like her cookies)

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