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How to Easily Disassemble a Glock Magazine

How to Easily Disassemble a Glock Magazine


Shooting: Glock Magazine Disassembly Tip

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Not everyone cleans their pistol magazines, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need attention. Personally, I used to neglect my pistol magazines.  This was because I had a hard time getting the baseplates off of my Glock magazines.

This post shows an easy trick to help with Glock Magazine Disassembly

They have a detent button in the center of the baseplate.    Once depressed, the plate is “supposed” to slide off – unfortunately I never have it that simple.

Luckily, I was shown a way that makes disassembling a Glock magazine very simple.

Use the Glock Armorer’s Tool!

  • Insert the tool all the way in until it stops at the handle.
  • Push the tool (with the baseplate sliding) forward. You want to leverage the plate forward using the handle of the Glock tool.
  • Unless you like searching for parts or getting smacked in the face by a flying spring, use your hand to cover the bottom of the magazine before you slide the baseplate completely off.

This does take some practice, but believe me, once you understand how to take the magazines apart using a punch you will find the process much easier.  I have never been able to consistently get the mags apart without using this tip.

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