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Kitchen DIY:Golden Eggs

Kitchen DIY:Golden Eggs

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Once again I have to say I believe that the foundational idea behind crowd-sourcing is capabilities at its best – people have ideas that they beleive in and ask others to contribute funds with the promise of rewards when the project is completed.  Now I do have anecdotal evidence that my “favorite” crowd-sourcing platform has a liberal bias, but I still believe in helping people invent new things when the reward strikes me as worth the money.

Golden Eggs was one successful Kickstarter project that I helped fund.

Golden Eggs, are hard-boiled eggs that are scrambled in the shell before they are boiled.  Its a neat concept, and I had seen (and planned a video around) the process using a tea towel, but when I happened upon the kick starter project I decided to postpone the video and get the device.

Basically the golden goose is a silicone and hard plastic shell that fits around almost any sized egg (any egg you will get at a grocery store) which cradles the egg as it is spun very rapidly allowing inertia to scramble the egg.

It took me a couple tries to get the technique down – I had to figure out how to get the device spinning, and then when to stop (I spun a couple to failure breaking the egg in the goose.

When I boiled the eggs and peeled them to find a yellow egg instead of a white one I felt good.  Good enough to want to share, but not so ecstatic that I will do all my eggs this way – its a fun novelty, but I got TIRED….

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