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Don’t Peel Potatoes with an Electric Drill


Kitchen DIY: Don't Peel Potatoes with an Electric Drill

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I am sure that I could get this to work, but I promise I did not do this because I wanted it to work – this is an example of a neat idea that is creative but inefficient.

Sometimes it is better just to stick with traditional ways of doing things.

I guess that if I was a professional chef that had to peel hundreds of potatoes each day then this would be worth it, but for the rest of us just dig out the potato peeler.

This Don’t Peel Potatoes with an Electric Drill post was an attempt at humor – even though my wife says I am not as funny as I think I am.  She is right of course, but I am also more funny that SHE thinks I am.

It also did not HAVE to make such a mess, after a potato or two I learned how to make it peel as well as how to make it throw peels.  It has to do with the angle and firmness you hold the peeler.  However, there are plenty of how to peel potatoes with a drill posts on the internet. I figured making a joke post would be something different.

Don’t spend so much time preparing for disaster that you don’t take a little time to enjoy yourself.  I mean, if you can’t have fun, why are you wanting to survive so much?

Anyway, even though this did work, I still don’t think it is efficient or some kitchen skill that is useful.   Who actually wants their potatoes touching power tools?  Do you know where power tools are used?  Just be careful if you decide to Peel Potatoes with an Electric Drill


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