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Gun Disarming Simplified DVD

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First off, let me say, I have no monetary interest in this DVD, I am sharing as a service and not an advertisement.

I know Paul Clark, the owner of Warrior Tactical Systems and creator of Gun Disarming Simplified.  In order to take his knife and gun disarm classes, I have driven all the way to West Virginia to take some of .  I know personally how good of an instructor he is and how well he can present the information.  During his class I was sick with a major sinus infection and got dizzy every time I hit the mat.   He was able to pass on the information even with that handicap.

Paul Clark is an experienced law enforcement and NRA firearms instructor.  He is also a lifelong martial artist with multiple black belts. Paul has brought his extensive martial arts and firearms background to civilian and law enforcement training.  He does this by applying the principle of progressive resistance while working against reactive, resisting opponents.  I met Paul when he served as an investigator for the West Virginia Department of Correction.

Why Paul Created the Gun Disarming Simplified Video:

Paul told me he made this video because, he watched too many Martial Artists, with no knowledge of firearms, modify their traditional techniques and force them into a gun disarming role.

That is a both dangerous and sometimes ridiculous to watch.   Also, and I can back this up myself as I am an Academy Instructor, in training Law Enforcement, Instructors only get an hour a year tops to teach weapon disarming.

That is simply not enough to remember a bunch of techniques. And lastly like me, Paul watched too many YouTube videos with sub-second ninja disarms that will only work against a full sized handgun in optimal position.

The methods Paul Clark teaching in this video and his classes uses simple principles that will work against a tiny Saturday night special, all the way to an AK-47 in any position (front, back, side, under your chin, etc.) without having to remember a bunch of techniques.

I support Gun Disarming Simplified because it does offer, a practical solution for stopping armed criminals.

I support Paul because he is a true professional and talented instructor.

This video is dedicated this video to the memory of Correction Officer Jeffery Wroten who worked at the West Virginia Department of Corrections before moving to Maryland.  He was murdered on duty when an inmate he was supervising at the hospital took his weapon.  The coroner’s report stated the gun was less than 12 inches from Officer Wroten’s face when it discharged.

Now for the Marketing Copy….

Gun Disarming Simplified: Practical Solutions for Stopping Active Shooters & Armed Criminals

A relaxing evening out with loved ones ends with a wild-eyed meth addict sticking a cheap, pawn shop handgun in your face. What do you do? Is it just a robbery? What if he wants to move you into an alley? You owe it to your loved ones to protect them and yourself from violent crime!

Will your fancy, sub-second handgun disarm work in the dark, under stress, against a tiny street gun? Will you remember all the steps of each technique when the gun is held in different positions? If not, buy this video!

You will learn simple, functional steps that are easy to remember and apply against any firearm in any position! The steps are the same, from an AK-47 rifle in your face, all the way down to a tiny, short barreled pistol in your back. You’ll learn the difference between a stick up and an active shooter and the best way to disarm each. You will learn the mechanics of common firearms and how to disrupt them.

Gun disarming is a must for law enforcement and armed citizens because, there is always one gun at the scene! Your martial art is not complete if your self-defense skills don’t include gun defense! Every day we hear about a hold up, an aggravated assault, a murder or another active shooter, slaughtering innocents in a “gun free zone.”

Take your personal safety seriously and learn a simple system you will remember under stress from an experienced firearms and martial arts instructor. (and while your at it check out his youtube channel, I am a subscriber.)


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