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Introduction to Handgun Operation Video

Introduction to Handgun Video
Handgun I Introduction

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I am not posting a full article with the next couple videos. I wanted to experiment making videos using my class PowerPoint presentations. I did feel the need to be a little briefer in my explanations of the slides than I normally am in class, but that’s because in class, with me jumping around and passing around training aids it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to describe the concepts I posted here. I don’t think I can keep a YouTube Audience interested for an hour long Handgun video.

As always, these handgun videos do not take the place of live interaction with a qualified instructor. This is just another attempt to use a new medium to help give a new shooter a starting point in their training so they may feel a little more comfortable in a formal class.

I hope this experiment in turning my class PowerPoints into posts is useful.  I have lots of class material and would love to share it.  I think that information should be freely shared.  Time, however, is limited and valuable so I still have to charge for classes.

I like teaching handgun classes and as soon as I can get everything squared away I want to start teaching at the land so I can share more information face to face.

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