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Gun Safety Rules Course Video


Handgun II Gun Safety Rules

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I am not posting a full article with the next couple videos. I wanted to experiment making handgun videos using my class PowerPoint presentations. I did feel the need to be a little more brief in my explanations of the slides than I normally am in class, but that’s because in class, with me jumping around and passing around training aids it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to describe the concepts I posted here. I don’t think I can keep a YouTube Audience interested for an hour long video.

As always, these handgun videos do not take the place of live interaction with a qualified instructor. This is just another attempt to use a new medium to help give a new shooter a starting point in their training so they may feel a little more comfortable in a formal class.

Gun Safety begins in the head long before the hand touches the gun.

As Clint Smith says, it is a lifestyle.

A person needs to be actively self responsible, mentally present, and educated on proper handgun function and safety before they ever touch a gun.  Once they understand how a gun works and are not ignorant of the issues then they can be safe.

It does not matter if you follow the 3 NRA safety rules, or Coopers 4 Universal firearm safety rules.  You can use the 16 rules from my home range, or the 1 rule from blackhawk down.  Gun Safety boils down to one thing.  There are no accidents only negligent people.

A novice or not, everyone should know guns are dangerous if how respected.  So don’t touch them without respect.


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